Using The Blue Swan App for Project Y

Plan: Dec-2016 / Q2 2017 - Goal is a Healthy Company ( OI=8 or more ) with plenty innovation by the end of Q2-2017 or earlier.

The Blue Swan App contains 3 elements and the Organization Intelligence measurement.

The elements:

1- The Overall Milestone Plan with regular updates

2- The Pyramid to prevent judgment of the past

3- The Serendity Diary to count your serendipity + actions

and the OI-Measuement ( Organization Intelligence )

The basis is the Blue Swan Theory / Analysis.

1-The Overall Milestone Plan

Temporary Plan for Project Y:

1- Aim for WIN-WIN for all parties   Dec 16 - Jan-17

2- Use the Blue Swan for boosting serendipity, co-operation, Innovation and creativity on Project Y and it's subprojects Jan-17 until Feb-17

2-The Pyramid


OI=7 for Project X

3-The Serendipity Diary

The Serendipity Events below will be plotted on the Pyramid. Hopefully you can deduct why one can never judge the past!!


Serendipity Event

What did you do to Generate the Serendipity. And what's the effect on time, budget, quality, safety or health.


Challenge Milestone


Article in Finanieel Dagblad about Tom-Tom and the declining sales of car navigators

Invest time in searching for partners for the BSA

Wrote Project Y on 4th of december( PR and Investor relations company ) and also called Google Amsterdam ( 9 december )...but they put me in a loop. The same day in the evening Project Y answered my mail wanting more info.

Milestones stays 30-june-17

Only plot important events once in 14 days or month.

 Serendipity can occur inside and outside the projects also in the outside world and in your personal environment.

4-The Organization Intelligence Table & Graph

New goal for Project X

OI=8 by the end of Q1-2017